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This vintage desk was hand-painted in shades of turquoise with the perfect amount of texture, then softened with a whitewash. Decorative accents on the drawer fronts and one side of the desk are done in a bohemian theme and patterns. The Prosperity mandala, painted in metallic silver spills down the front from the top and also graces each side. The spacious desktop and eight drawers provide plenty of room for storage. The drawer on the bottom right looks like two separate drawers, but is actually one deep drawer. Add this piece to your home for a stylish and functional addition.


Measurements: 43.5" wide x 30.25" tall x 21.75" deep. The inside opening is 19.5" wide x 24" tall.

In the whimsical world of vintage furniture, the “Bohemian Bliss” Vintage Desk has taken up the role of a picky matchmaker. It’s holding auditions for the perfect owner, someone with an eye for eclectic charm, a penchant for organized chaos, and the ability to appreciate its blue-and-silver glamour.

Bohemian Bliss Painted Vintage Desk with Prosperity Mandala

  • To protect the hand painted finish, dust with soft, dry cloth, dampen if needed. Do not use any chemical cleaners or waxes. Treat with loving care and it will last for generations.

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