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IN stock. This desk will be available on my Facebook page. If you are interested in purchasing it please read below.   Measurements: 43" wide x 29.5" tall x 15" deep.  Please Note:  This desk is not my usual solid wood furniture piece. It is lightweight and on the smaller side. It was one of those times I didn't ask enough questions before I bought it on Marketplace and paid for it before I met it in person so I wouldn't chance losing it.  Lesson learned for me, and now we are going to hold on auction on Facebook. It is, however, hand painted using my usual top quality furniture paints, decoupage paper and topcoat. Although it was still finished the same way I treat solid wood, quality pieces, this desk is not a good quality piece. That is the reason I am going to auction it off on my Facebook page. If you're interested in this desk and want to participate in the auction to purchase it, please follow my Facebook page. I will be posting information on the auction in the 'events' section.

Periwinkle Desk

  • Local pickup and delivery only on this desk. It would not survive shipping. 

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