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Introducing our stunning Unicorn Dresser, the perfect statement piece for any bedroom or living space. This amazing antique dresser has been given a magical makeover, with hand-painted details and embellished with beautiful decoupage paper in a watercolor style. The artistic design showcases a strong, wise creature, making it a unique and eye-catching addition to your home. This dresser is perfect for anyone who loves fantasy and wants to add a touch of magic to their decor.


This is an antique dresser that has been loved during its lifetime. It was not produced in a factory and has all the charm of a handmade piece of furniture. The three spacious drawers were cut by hand, and although they slide nicely on drawer guides, they sometimes need extra guidance to close all the way. I have sanded and waxed all drawer sides to help make that easier. The top drawer is divided into thirds to help keep your socks and underwear from mingling.


The original wooden casters are in great shape and roll well.


Measurements: 40" wide x 36" tall x 20" deep

Unicorn Dresser, Horse of a Different Watercolor

  • To protect the hand painted finish, dust with soft, dry cloth, dampen if needed. Do not use any chemical cleaners or waxes. Keep out of direct heat/sunlight. Treat with loving care and it will last for generations.

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