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If boho chic, french country, and rustic cottage had a baby it would look like this vanity. 
The natural wood combined with colorful patterns and texture create a unique look that is breathtakingly beautiful. Painted in three colors (four counting the gold accents), and adorned in one of my favorite transfers and layered with an amazing patterned stencil, there is nothing else like it. 

The vanity and mirror were separate pieces that I combined to make this set. They were each from the same era and missing their other half and I made them whole again. 💕🙂

Measurements: 42" wide x 18" deep x 29.5" high ( to the wood top) (63" to the very top of the mirror)

This is a very old vanity that shows wear in places that I found charming and did not change. The top has several little dents and nicks and a few spaces between the boards. I can provide more photos if needed. The mirror has a few small age spots and shows some wear, but is not cracked or damaged.

Antique Rustic Elegance Vanity

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