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Creating Old World Charm

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Believe it or not, my inspiration for this piece was the decoupage paper I used for the backboard behind the shelves. It is a bright colorful paper with shades of orange, yellow, blue and green.

My original plan for this paper was to paint a bright, modern piece to match it but sometimes my original plans end up out the window. I still want to create something bright and colorful using this paper so I ordered more for a future project. 🙂

As you can see in the photo below this piece needed a few repairs before I could get started on the fun part. Honestly, prep work usually takes a lot more time than the actual painting. All of the keyhole covers were missing, the drop down desk door had damaged the inside over the years by gouging into the wood, the backboard behind the glass was crumbling and the carved decoration on the top was broken off. Oh and it needed a good scrub and rinse!

After the good scrub and rinse I started by removing the drop down piece. I loved the look of having the wood letter holder exposed so I left it off. I then had my local lumberyard cut a piece to size to replace the crumbling backboard.

I decoupaged the back board in paper from Redesign with Prima called "Tangerine Spring" and then aged it by applying Van Dyke Brown Glaze by Paint Couture.

You can find the paper here:

And the glazes here:

I used a mould from Redesign with Prima to create the missing keyhole covers using quick setting resin. There were several designs to choose from so I chose the keyhole cover design that best fit in the areas I would need them. The mould I used is called "Keys" and you can find it here:

As you can see in the photo below someone must have been playing ball in the house and broke the top off. I figured it had been lost forever but got a pleasant surprise when I opened that little drawer!

Look at that! Happy Day!

And it fit together perfectly!❤️

So on to the fun part! Let the painting begin!

I used all Paint Couture Paint for this project. The base coat was a mix of "Peacock" and Saltwash. I mixed it to a brownie batter consistency and pounced it on with an old brush and also used a putty knife for more texture. When that was completely dry I painted a coat of "Vintage Flair" and then sanded that back to expose the color underneath. I then added "Seaglass", "Firelight" and "Lemon Peel" in different places wiping them back as I went until I got the look I wanted. I tested the look on this decorative top piece before I tackled the entire thing. You can find these fabulous colors here:

And Saltwash here:

I finished it off with coat of Van Dyke Brown Glaze to deepen the colors and it worked perfectly! I then added some extra interest with the "Damask Flourish" Stick & Style Stencil: using Metallique Wax in Rich Copper:

Rich Copper was also used over the keyhole moulds, original handles, and the detailed carvings. I was falling in love with this combination. ❤️

I also used the Van Dyke Brown Glaze as a stain on the top shelves, letter holder, inside shelves and sides of drawers. The letter holder was ink stained and I purposely left it that way. I'm quite certain it's from old world quill pens and I love the character it adds.

I finished everything off with two coats of Satin Topcoat:

When I first listed this for sale I didn't have any room to keep it, but then a piece in my dining room sold and after it was shipped I decided this one fit perfectly in that spot! I'm sure something else will come along soon that I would rather have there, but until then I am loving it. If you would like to be notified when it becomes available again let me know and I will contact you before I list it.

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Thank you for supporting my dream.


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