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How to use transfers, stencils, moulds and paint to create a cute wall hanging.

Curious about how to combine all of these elements together into one cohesive cute project? Let me show you. And of course this project is available if you'd rather just cut right past all of the work.

Multiple layers don't have to be confusing. Just start with the base layer and build up from there.

I started with the wall hanging you see here from the local craft store. The three products you see above are in the newest release from Redesign with Prima and I will post links to them at the end, as well as links to any older Redesign products used not shown in this photo.

I chose a base color in a chalk type paint and gave it one coat.

When the base coat was dry I stenciled in another color of chalk type paint and let dry.

I now had a pretty background created to add the next layer. I didn't get a photo of applying the transfers, but I chose a few flowers and butterflies from Watercolor Bloom and Papillon Collection (links to both below), cut them out and applied where I wanted them.

Then came the cute little pigs. I used quick cast resin to make these cute guys.

And gave them a base coat of a soft pink using a chalk type paint. From here I used a few more colors of pink to dry brush different areas adding depth. I thought they needed a little more personality so I added black eyes and little lashes. 😊

I glued them in place with e6000 glue and clamped in place until dry. Then everything got several coats of varnish for protection.

And tada! A new place to hang keys, towels, leashes, etc.

Thank you to Redesign with Prima for some of the products used in this project. As a content creator for them they provided the stencil, transfers and mould. I only promote products I have tried and believe in. If you use my affiliate links to the Redesign products it won't cost you any more, but it will earn me a little bit. Thank you 😊

Farm Friends Pig mould:

Watercolor Bloom transfer:

Papillon Collection transfer:

Eastern Abstract Stencil:

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