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From Basic to Boho

Some of you have heard me say that I'm trying to make my way through my stash of inventory I have acquired over the past several years. There truly is a piece of furniture in almost every nook and cranny of my home waiting its turn for transformation. The stash never seems to get smaller no matter how hard I try.

The time came recently for this ordinary, run of the mill round table to get a makeover. I really wanted to stain the top and give it the same treatment as my own dining room table, but this time the top was laminate. There is no staining laminate. The next best thing is painting it to look like wood so I got to work. I decided I wanted it to be a grayish, brownish, whiteish wood, coastal look with the base painted a beachy color to match.

Here's how it happened...

Not so pretty. Let's add a base layer of paint...

After I got the entire top painted in brown and it was dry, I started painting the gray color and using the wood graining tool...

When I had finished the entire table top in the wood grain treatment, I gave it all a good white washing.

The base of the table got that coastal, beachy look by adding a texturing agent to the turquoise base coat of paint. When that was dry I painted it all in a lighter blue and sanded back so both colors show through. I love the texture it creates...

Then the fun began! I stenciled the top in gorgeous bright colors, blending as I went.

The whole shebang then got top coated several times over with a clear varnish for protection.

So there ya go. Instead of sitting it on the curb for the junk man to pickup, transform it into something new! Or give me a call and I will do it for you!

This fabulous gal is available on my website, just click the photo below.

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