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Working from home in style

If you are working from home like so many of us, or just need a spot to pay bills, it can be fun and rewarding to refinish a desk to fit your own style. If you have no time or inclination to refinish one yourself - I've got you. This cute little desk is ready for you to adopt. She's available now on my website.

I fell in love with this cute antique desk at a local antique shop several years ago but couldn't spend the money at the time. I went back several times that month to see if she was still there, and lo-and-behold when I sold another piece and got a few bucks she was still there and came right home with me that day!

I cleaned her up and revived the old tiger wood inside and out with hempseed oil. It brought her color back and gave her new life. I also added parts of some transfers by Maisie & Willow to the front of the desk door. Look at those keyhole covers! Amazing!

The inside has little cubbies and the cutest drawer. The hardware is beautiful. She is not without flaws (I prefer to call them character and charm). I didn't sand out her scratches, in fact I embraced them and applied the oil right into them, and there are a few places she has a bit of damage. If you look at the bottom shelf in the first photo, the wood right by the front legs has been damaged a bit, and I'm willing to bet that someone probably propped their boots right up against there as they worked.

In the photo below I used more transfers from Maisie & Willow to decorate the mirrors and the tin bucket. The large mirror is available on my website with more photos, please note even though I will ship furniture, the mirror is local pickup and delivery only.

As much as I have loved using her in my own workspace, it is time to let her go. If you follow my social media pages you have probably seen why...I found and refinished another old desk with much more storage for my piles and piles of craft supplies. That's another blog waiting to happen.

Thank you to Maisie & Willow for supplying the transfers for these projects. If you would like to get these transfers and more you can follow the link on my website under my favorite products tab or go here: My favorite products

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